Overcoring Rock Stress Measurement Downloads

overcore drill

MMS has developed a diamond drill rig specifically for overcoring. This drill is man portable once at site. The key factor here is "safety" while overcoring

Overcoring Process

The Overcoring Rock Stress Measurement Process. A PowerPoint Slide Presentation

Overcoring biaxial Plot

MMS has developed in house software for rock stress measurement analysis. This programme can combine data from CSIRO HI cells and also from the USBM gauge. It can combine data from different boreholes.

Rock Stress Histogram

Mining Measurement Services has been doing comparison tests with the CSIRO HI cell and the USBM gauge. The USBM gauge has proved a very useful tool in rock stress measurement

Continental stresses

Stresses in the Australian Continental Tectonic Plate

Overcoring profile

Mining Measurement Services company profile.

Overcoring epoxy problems

Impact of epoxy glue curing time on the quality of overcoring stress measurements in low-temperature environments.

 Overcoing temperature problems

Temperature effects in overcoring stress measurements.

hydraulic fracturing S Giacoma

Stress measurement tests by using the hydraulic fracturing technique at S. Giacomo Power Station - Italy.