Mining Measurement Services (MMS) has been operating since 1987 and specializes in Stress Measurement testing (mainly using the overcoring method) and stress software only. Much of this work is overseas including training for various rock mechanics institutes. We also review and analyse other clients stress measurement results. I have conducted stress measurement tests at over 100 different mines or engineering projects and for some of these projects I would have tested 10 different sites. I have conducted well over 2000 overcore tests using the CSIRO HI cell and the USBM Gauge since 1979.

Our company was formed to meet the needs of mining and civil engineering industries for a commercial service offering specialized testing methods pioneered by CSIRO Division of Geomechanics. The methods preferred by MMS to determine insitu stress are the overcoring method using CSIRO HI Cells and also the USBM cell. Both these methods have been researched and extensively tested in various geoengineering situations with highly satisfactory results. We use the 2 dimensional USBM cell as a back up in the rare cases where HI cells do not work and/or to gain more information.

Since joining the CSIRO Division of Geomechanics in 1979, I have been involved in the design and manufacture of equipment for use in various geotechnical research projects and also software development. I was initially involved in a comprehensive research programme investigating roof support requirements for underground coal mines. Much of this work involved stress measurement using both the overcoring method (CSIRO HI Cell) and the hydraulic fracturing technique.

We have developed a diamond drill rig specifically for overcoring. We can provide a total testing and drilling service.

Nick Litterbach

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